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get to know: Sarah from The Hungry Alaskan

Hello Alaska Blog Network Friends!

My name is Sarah and I am the Hungry Alaskan.  I’ve spent almost 15 years in Alaska in three different installments.  I am a special education teacher turned elementary school assistant principal in Anchorage.  I am also an avid marathoner, skier, yogi, and Alaskan adventure-woman.  I love to take advantage of all the activities that our incredible state has to offer…which always makes me hungry.

sarah the hungry alaska

The Hungry Alaskan was born in early 2012.  It features my re-imagined perspective of lots of different recipes plus a few original of my own.  I try to keep recipes as healthy as possible, but I also have an incredible sweet tooth and occasionally will blow the calorie count out of the water (but the result is always worth it!).  My posts also always provide a glimpse into the inspiration and creation of the dish, whether it was something I read about, something I ate at one of our fine restaurants, or whether it was a craving that came to me during some adventure.

sarah the hungry alaska thai basil sarah the hungry alaskan toffee sarah the hungry alaskan gnocchi

I can’t wait to connect with other Alaskan bloggers through this Network!  I love new ideas and suggestions also.  Come visit The Hungry Alaskan–I can’t wait to explore all of your sites too!

Much love,
Sarah (and my silly dog Quincy, who looks exactly like a Muppet)


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