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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto…

My husband and I decided early on that I would stay at home with our children, working from home if need be, likely schooling them at home as well. It’s true that we liked the idea of more time together, sharing a vehicle, tailoring our kids’ education to their strengths, but we also had in mind that only one professional life to keep up with meant that we might have more opportunity to adventure a bit.

We were looking forward to things like road trips, lazy three day weekends, and random days of playing hooky at the zoo. Ya know, sweet stolen sentimental family moments.

Moments that would be spent near the family and friends that we grew up with, or at least within driving distance. In the Midwest.

Turns out our adventures are going to be much grander than expected! In February 2013, my husband accepted a new job position and our family of five uprooted and moved to Oz, aka Juneau, Alaska. 🙂

I’ve been blogging since before we had a term for it (1998). I’ve been a food blogger, a craft blogger, an exhibitionist mommy blogger (it was all for the out-of-town relatives, I swear!), and for the last few years I’ve been blogging about whatever catches my fancy and encourages others at RaisingtheBarrs.com.

Usually that means my posts are full of food, faith, books, babies, and natural living. Now, it also means eagles and glaciers and bears (oh my)!

I could never have looked into my future and pictured myself here. I have zero frame of reference for some of the things I’ve experienced in just the last few months (Kansas is literally flatter than a pancake, by the way). But I’ve never felt so at ease with where I am in life and excited about the future. I can already tell this is going to be one awesome journey. Hope you’ll join me vicariously. 🙂



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